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PHASE 1 – Gel

PHASE 1 – Gel

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Coat repair and reconstruction gel

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ginseng Extract, Tomato Extract and Achillea Extract.

A new formula and a new treatment for the coat: a GEL BASED cream with an acidic pH – Treatment Phase 1 – super restructuring and rich in active nourishing ingredients, to be used in combination with MOUSSE – Phase 2. The result is a creamy, elastic and rich mask, for an innovative coat treatment. Treatment Phase 1 is enriched with the perfect combination of active ingredients for the coat: Stimulating, energizing, antioxidant Ginseng Extract + structuring and restructuring Tomato Extract, rich in lycopenes + softening and protective Achillea Extract. An extraordinary “recipe” for a high performing, innovative treatment.

How to mix products:
mix the product with the other treatments of Reconstructing Program Mineral RED following the doses indicated in the chart. Mix them with a spatula in a bowl until you obtain an homogeneous mixture. Apply evenly on the whole coat and massage gently. Leave it rest for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Proceed applying the Cleansing Solution DERMA COMPLEX from Mineral RED line.

Please notice:
this cosmetic is not conceived to be used on its own but only in combination with Mousse – Phase 2 Reconstructing Program Mineral RED.

Professional formula
300 ml.